When an American soldier dies in combat, his family receives a $12,000 death gratuity from the government. This paltry sum is an embarrassment in recognition of a life given for the benefit of the United States.

Freedom heroes need you as a volunteer. Our plan is a simple one to correct this injustice for our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We need volunteers in every state to help us.

What are we going to do?

Our mission is to draft a law to present to Congress to encourage the following:

    Payment of a $250,000 death benefit to the family of any soldier killed during service for our country.
    Tuition for four years of college at any public institution for anyone in the armed forces who served in a combat zone as well as any children of family left behind by the death of a soldier.

Salary differential pay for any guardsman called into active duty to serve in a combat zone (the government would pay the difference between guard pay and the wages earned prior to being called into service).

How are we going to do it?

Since the U.S. Government is already burdened with a high deficit, a 5% Freedom Duty should be assessed on all imports coming into the U.S.A. to fund these benefits. The U.S.A. fights for the freedom of the entire world and since we are the most sought after marketplace for the world, this Duty is a small price to pay in return for the sacrifices our men and women make to promote democracy. It's true that a new Mercedes, Volvo or Jaguar might cost 5% more or perhaps the Swedes, Germans or Japanese could absorb the costs. This may also be a good incentive for people to purchase American-made products such as Cadillac or Lincoln.

The web site will keep everyone informed about the progress of the freedom heroes initiatives as well as posting a complete draft of the proposed law.

We need your help and commitment to make this happen.

This is the type of action that all Americans, Republican or Democrat, need to support for the families who have given so much. If there are politicians who don't support this effort, their names will be posted and hopefully the polls will reflect their lack of compassion. It doesn't matter what your position is regarding the validity of war -- we simply must take care of the families of our brave soldiers.

It is important that the money not go into the General Fund and at no time can the Government allow administrative expenses to exceed 6% of money spent. Any funds not used for the above purposes will be used to assist injured soldiers.

Please let us know if you have any better ideas or suggestions.